ECA in a nutshell

ECA Electronic Engineering (Australia) invents, designs and manufactures gates automation components and systems for urban and farm properties.
Our products range from Solar Powered Gates to GSM Access Control with Wireless Intercom. Since 1985 the engineers of the company specialise in designing and manufacturing custom-made Gate Automations, Top Security Rolling Code remote controls and Access Control Systems for AC and DC motors.

Due to their unique approach and attitude
the Research and Development (R&D) engineers in the company have had a great success in Australia and around the world.

The main reason for the enormous success of the company's line of products is due to the fact that their engineers design, manufacture, install and test all their new inventions and ideas by themselves on site and that enables them to see the results from first hand and improve the units to perfection.

The first pilot production of all their new designed motors, control panels, remote controls and accessories are installed by a leading group of professional installers around Australia that provide an immediate feedback to company's R&D engineers who analyse this important information and modify the units and the software before mass production begins.

Due to the mass production of all of their line of products and sales to the world wide market their entire range of products are available at most competitive prices and high quality which is supported with the best technical support that only an electronic engineering company with over 18 years of experience can offer.

Twice a year ECA Electronic Engineering runs free seminars and courses in Melbourne, Australia for updating and training the installers and distributors about their new products and technology which provides them with a great advantage and knowledge to compete and succeed in the market. Due to high interest to the events and limited number of seats it is recommended to pre-register online.

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As a dynamic and innovative company, the R&D team in ECA Electronic Engineering is always keen to hear and listen to any comment and ideas from their clients. This approach leads to new inventions and technology for gate automation systems that enable them to be the leading company in the field.